Saturday, 5 November 2011

the delhi kpop meet

yorobun annyeong!!!

well this is our very first official spazz post!
*standing ovation*

anyway--back to the meet.
we had soooooooo much fun.and by "we" i mean eight of us crazy kpop lover and one very daebak dad of our very own serena saeng!

we had planned to meet up at ramkrishna ashram marg at 1.30pm,but we were late as usual and poor padma and debjani had to wait for us for nearly 30 mins!
hehe...mian!!padma and debjani!...=P

the funny thing was that we had no idea where the korean restaurant really was,i mean no one had actually gone there before.and so our treasure hunt for the korean restaurant began.
katya had a really very not so helpful address of the place jotted down.and the one leading us was our sweet "baby" unnie debjani. mind you she is very good with directions!!

but finally after walking like forever a  a while we reached the was right in the heart of paharganj.
there were very not so helpful signs to direct us to the korean restaurant.
see sign below!!:

as we reached there we also met serena and her dad.who,after looking for the place for eternity and getting lost over and over again finally found the place...=P

here is the entrance::

we ordered loads of stuff,see the starters down there

haha...mian for the bad handwriting..i hope you guys can atleast read it.well some stuff are not yet written like beer and soju

then our food came!!well sorry i dont have all the food pics right now.but i'll put up everything soon.
for now i have this many:

oh and before i forget this is katyayini's special mix::

ok i am tired now...TBC
maybe the mumbai people will come and spazz about their meet...^^

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Welcome to the group blog. (^__^)

Yorobun Annyeonghasayo!

India Korea Friends Group welcomes you to this wonderful blog where we are going to post 
pics, videos and most of all, FANFICS!

Let us  make this blogsite as wonderful and captivating as our Facebook group by working  
together.aja!aja! (^__^) 

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